About - archer & ruby

Mom. Wife. The Office addict. Beep beep.

My name is Gretchen, but my friends call me G. That means you, sister. Pleasure to meet me.
I’m a full-time mom with a full-time job and an occasional bartender on weekends, who for some odd reason thinks she has spare time to run a small business. I don’t have spare time. But I do have an odd, relentless driving force constantly convincing me to do impossible things, so here I am doing it, baby. Look at me go.

I work my office job by day, keep my baby alive by night, and craft ‘til I drop when I should be asleep. My husband thinks I’m a lunatic. He’s not wrong. And honestly, don’t be fooled by this sort-of-put-together-website. I’m currently writing this on two hours of sleep, fueled by lukewarm sugar-free red bull and 2006 Kanye, because this fire in me is both a blessing and a curse. There’s no time for cold caffeinated beverages when you’re busy making the world your bitch.

We are all the same. I drink my white claw while fist bumping to Macklemore/Kesha collabs like it’s my job. And maybe it should be.